Global Expert Rating is a revolutionary new approach to learn online. Every course has been created utilising successful learning concepts, such as narrative, conversation, visible learning, and the use of community support to celebrate achievement.

Storytelling as a method of learning

Each partner university has created a comprehensive learning experience led by experts in their fields. Rather of broadcasting extended classroom lectures, high-quality videos and articles are used to explain concepts. You may then talk about what you’ve learned and put your new skills to the test with interactive tests that provide useful feedback and the option to try again if an answer is incorrect. Every course walks you through a tale, step by step, with obstacles and helpful hints to help you test and improve your knowledge.

Learning via discussion

We learn best when we exchange and debate ideas with other students, since this allows us to better grasp their varied experiences and views while also filling in the gaps in our own knowledge. However, because not everyone enjoys being social, instead of referring our students to separate discussion boards, you can add your comments directly to the material.

You can begin by reading what others have to say on the subject before jumping in when you’re ready. If you enjoy a specific comment, you may opt to follow the author so that you can quickly locate the people and comments that interest you.

Over the coming months, we’ll be expanding on the notions of ‘discussion in context’ and ‘following,’ so that social learning seems less forced and more like a dialogue with friends about your thoughts and what you’ve learned.

Learning that is visible

Making the learning process visible allows you to see what’s coming next, where you are in the course, and how far you’ve progressed. The To Do list provides an overview of the course by listing the tasks for each week and keeping track of what you’ve accomplished.

The profile page gives you a quick overview of your personal activities, including your courses and any comments you’ve made. We’ll be adding more course markers and progress indicators to them as time goes on.

Learning that is encouraged by the community

We need to provide online help without a big network of tutors because an intense tutoring approach won’t work for large-scale free courses. The answer is to tap into the power of the community, where learners may put their newly gained abilities to immediate use by sharing their knowledge with their peers.

Following other learners is part of a strong system we’re developing that will allow you to recognize and encourage good contributions, as well as establish your own reputation. In this approach, success is defined not just by finishing a course and passing an assignment, but also by contributing to the Global Expert Rating community.

Social learning on a massive scale

All of these techniques must work with large groups of people in order for remarks to stick around and reputations to be created over time. That’s why, with help from The Open University, the BBC, social media designers, and our Global Expert Rating partners, we decided to build a new massive-scale social learning platform. It’s a unique approach to education.