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FEB 2021

Global Expert Rating's coding evaluations were chosen by ABB, a pioneering technology provider that works directly with utilities, industrial, transportation, and infrastructure. Internal recruiting exams will be designed in collaboration with the Global Expert Rating content team.

JAN 2021

All workers at Global Expert Rating will be able to work from home until December 2021. During the work-from-home time, all customer support and technical help services performed smoothly.

DEC 2020

Cengage, in the United States, will offer over 400 instructor-led courses through Global Expert Rating. Courses will be priced specifically for the Indian subcontinent. Global Expert Rating will create an online course marketing solution based on Cengage's Ed2go API.

NOV 2020

For integrated clients, Global Expert Rating will provide a Video Interview service. Clients may now assess applicants' soft skills, competence, and knowledge through automated interviews that are either pre-recorded or live, thanks to the new Video Interview module. Clients can use the video interview service to save time and effort when interviewing applicants that are located far away.

OCT 2020

Tally Certifications in Andhra Pradesh, India will be powered by Global Expert Rating. Tally Education Private Ltd. (TEPL) and the AP Skill Development Corporation (APSSDC) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to provide Tally accounting software training and certification to students through Employability Skills Centres (ESCs) located in universities and colleges across the state.

SEP 2020

SPEAK, Israel, has partnered with Global Expert Rating to integrate its English language speaking technology. Individuals will be graded on a scale of A1, A2 (Basic English speaker) to C1, C2 (Advanced English speaker) (Proficient English speaker). By using proficiency scales with the same descriptions of English skills to train SPEAK raters and algorithms for automated grading, the Speak Assessment aligns with the CEFR.

AUG 2020

Codeassess is now the platform for testing candidates' coding abilities in another language, React.js, all over the world. React.js is a declarative, fast, and adaptable JavaScript framework for creating user interfaces.This language is ideal for retrieving data that is constantly changing and has to be documented.

JUL 2020

On Codathon, Codeassess expands its capabilities by adding a new feature called "Interviewer Internal Comments Pop-Up." During the interview, the interviewer can use this tool to provide remarks. This is mirrored in the reports as well.

JUN 2020

In the coding tests, Codeassess has added a new feature called 'error-details pop-up,' which allows candidates to view and rectify their code problems at the same time.

MAY 2020

Codeassess, a subsidiary of Global Expert Rating, provides a Bootstrap framework for recruiting individuals with varying degrees of experience. The Bootstrap framework includes design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation, and other interface elements that are built on CSS and JavaScript.

APR 2020

For lateral hiring, Codeassess provides Golang and Swift language questions of varying difficulty levels. Codeassess is the first coding skills platform that offer Go and Swift language assessment.

MAR 2020

Administrators can now see the status of tests that are currently being taken, thanks to new admin features launched by Global Expert Rating. Administrators may now see real-time information about each test session, such as time to completion, attempted and finished parts, and so on.

FEB 2020

Global Expert Rating welcomes Fiverr – Global Expert Rating has signed a multi-year contract with Fiverr to provide integrated testing services to its thousands of freelance contractors, bolstering its market position as the default assessment provider for job boards and freelance marketplaces. Fiverr has chosen Global Expert Rating for its talent testing requirements, joining the likes of Upwork, Guru, and Bayt.

JAN 2020

Selenium is the dominant framework for testing web applications across the world, with over 30,000 deployments in the United States alone. Global Expert Rating is the only talent evaluation business to offer hands-on skill assessment for Selenium. Companies can now identify candidates with the required Selenium working skills using the new system developed in-house by Global Expert Rating, reducing training time and mis-hiring.

DEC 2019

Tally chooses Global Expert Rating for its certification and skill assessment needs – Tally, India's largest accounting software company, has chosen Global Expert Rating for its certification and skill assessment needs. Over the course of six months, Tally worked with the Global Expert Rating engineering team to develop a customised platform that would meet their exact assessment requirements.

NOV 2019

The Codeassess tool is used by AAA WC New York to assess the coding skills of applicants for the role of front-end developer. Through its AAA Travel and Insurance centres, WC New York is committed to providing world-class travel, financial, insurance, and automotive services to its members 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

OCT 2019

SysLogic SQL questions of varying difficulty levels are available from Codeassess for lateral hiring. SQL questions of varying degrees of difficulty are available on Codeassess for candidates with varying levels of experience. The issue has been resolved!

NOV 2019

In Brazil, Codeassess shines! To employ a skilled full stack developer, bidding uses Codeassess' online exams on hands-on PHP, HTML, SQL, and JS. Bidding, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is an online grocery store that sells a variety of dairy products, beverages, and frozen foods, as well as offering customers a never-ending shopping experience. It is a young firm with a strong sense of purpose, dedicated to assisting its clients in developing new markets and expanding their commercial prospects.

SEP 2019

To test the programming skills of front-end and back-end programmers, E.C. Management contacted Codeassess for a pool of questions of varying complexity levels on generic programming languages, SQL, JS, and CSS. E.C., which was formed in the United States in 1999, is dedicated to providing its clients with the benefits of Managed Futures trading methods. Finally, a happy ending!