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Look through our course catalogue to discover something new to learn about. We offer courses in a wide range of topics and are constantly introducing new ones. The length of the courses varies. The majority of our courses are six to ten weeks long;however, we also offer two- and three-week courses.

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You may learn for free, upgrade, or purchase unlimited access.

On our online short courses, you may study in a variety of ways. The following are the distinctions between learning for free, upgrading, and purchasing Unlimited:


  • Regardless of when you enroll, you will get access to the course for its entire term plus 14 days.


  • Access to the course for as long as it is available on Global Expert Rating
  • Access to any course exams
  • When you’re eligible, you’ll get a paper and digital Certificate of Achievement or Statement of Participation.


  • A year’s worth of access to hundreds of online short courses and tests Once you’ve completed all of the short courses, you’ll receive a printed digital Certificate of Achievement. The ability to save the material of any of the courses for which you have received a digital Certificate of Achievement The freedom to finish your short courses on your own schedule within a year

Please introduce yourself.

While you wait for the class to begin, fill up your personal page so that other students can learn more about you. Your profile may be found in the menu on the upper right corner of the screen.

We’ll send you an email when the course begins. If you’ve signed up for the course a long time in advance, we’ll also send you a “one month to go” email to help you prepare.

Begin the course.

A link will show on Your courses dashboard once the course has begun. This will lead you to the course’s “To Accomplish” list, which will outline what you should do next.

to carry out

Weeks are used to divide Global Expert Rating courses. These contain a variety of activities that you should try to complete within the week, each of which is made up of a series of simple steps that will help you learn. Each week is given a descriptive name so you always know what to anticipate. You can even move between them to see what’s coming up or catch up if you’re behind schedule.

Articles, videos, and audio

Watching videos, listening to audio, and reading articles are all good ways to learn. Many of these procedures are followed by brief quizzes to ensure that you have grasped the material.


Every article, video, or audio file has a section for learners to leave comments and ask questions. This displays beneath the content of the step.

You may talk about everything you choose with your classmates, and instructors will give you advice and answer your questions. To participate in the discussion, click the comment button.

Mark your work as finished.

At the conclusion of each stage, there is a switch that allows you to designate it as completed. This refreshes your to-do list, but you can still move on to the next step if you turn off the switch. You may leave something and come back to it later if you’re not sure you understand it completely.


You’ll come across a discussion phase every now and then, when you’ll be given a topic to discuss with your classmates. Even if you find it intimidating, talking about concepts is a fantastic method to absorb and consolidate information.


Do you want to know what’s on everyone’s mind right now? Check out the course activity page to see what questions you may help answer and what subjects are being debated.


You’ll almost certainly receive responses from other students once you start commenting. These may be found on the responses page. You’ll also receive email notifications so you don’t miss a response.


Have you come across someone who is making an interesting argument and asking outstanding questions? You may filter the talks by clicking the ‘Follow’ option on their profile page to include the individuals you’re most interested in. You can learn jointly if someone follows you and you follow back.


Before going on, many activities will contain a quiz, which will allow you to assess how well you understand the important concepts from the previous video or article. The quizzes are not graded, and you have an unlimited number of attempts at each question, with feedback and hints provided after each attempt.


You will be able to take tests if you have improved your course. Tests are similar to quizzes in that they are graded and restricted to three attempts. These are graded as part of your overall grade and are intended to test your knowledge. We’ll award you three points if you get a question correct the first time, two points if you get it right the second time, and one point if you get it right the third time.


Many of our courses also allow you to complete tasks and receive comments from other students in the class. Each assignment will provide detailed instructions on how to write or produce it, as well as how to provide constructive criticism to others. It’s a fantastic chance to put what you’ve learned into practise while also receiving advice on how to improve.

Having completed the course

If you’ve upgraded and satisfied the requirements for a certificate, you’ll receive a digital certificate and then a physical certificate to assist you demonstrate your learning once you’ve completed the course.

If you haven’t upgraded yet, you will have the opportunity to do so once you’ve completed the course. You will be able to go back and finish any tests you need to get a certificate if you upgrade.

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Courses are organised by subject.

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A flexible online course can help you learn new abilities.


Upskill your skills with a series of specialised courses.

Programs and microcredentials

Obtain professional or academic certification.

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As you progress toward a degree, you can study online in a flexible manner.